We believe the Father/Son paradigm is the heavenly pattern for the universe. It is the essence of the Kingdom of God.
SonsLink is an attempt to restore this revelation and ignite an awakening of the Kingdom Family by modeling the relationship among men and women.

Kingdom Sonship - A birthright of Inheritance

Dr. Jack Taylor

A note concerning the metaphor of Sons...

Sonship, as we define it, is taken from the Old Testament concept of the "birthright" of the first-born son (Genesis 25). We have adapted it to explain a gender-free title that embraces both sons & daughters (Galatians 3:28), yet maintains the benefits of the inheritance and all that the privileged relationship entails. Both male and female may be adopted into the family of God with neither possessing an objective priority. Daughters are sons, too, just as sons are part of the Bride of Christ!

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Coming soon. Jack Taylor is preparing short(ish) guides related to ministry, ministry leadership, and minitry relationships.

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One of Papa Jack's primary purposes is to relate to leaders in an encouraging and transformational way. He is an eminent mentor. Watch this space for further content and development.

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In an age when Biblical literacy appears to be on the decline, Pr. Jack's theological training and abilities serve to strengthen the competancies of leadership. His books and smaller publications serve well in this area.

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